Reliant Iron & Sulfur Filtration System

Until now, the most common solution for problem water involved harsh chemicals – a classic case of the cure being as bad as the disease! Now there is a new solution, a proven technology, the Reliant. The Reliant Sulfur and Iron Filtration Systems use a chemical-free Air Induction Filter to clean the water without harsh chemicals.

Reliant Iron & Sulfur Filtration System

Engineered & Installed for Lasting Performance The Reliant Sulfur and Iron Filtration Systems are designed for high performance, long life and trouble-free operation and maintenance. All the components can be easily removed for efficient maintenance or replacement, even if your first service need is years away.
  • Removes iron and odor from well water
  • Metered system – regenerates based on usage
  • Patented VortechTM technology extends life and performance of media bed
  • Exclusive component repair program
  • Exclusive media exchange module
  • 1" high flow design
  • No fasteners, screws, nuts or bolts to corrode
  • Operated by a single motor driven piston
  • Seamless fiberglass wrapped resin tank

Using the O in H2O

Sophisticated, yet surprisingly simple, the Reliant Sulfur and Iron Filtration Systems are natural oxidation technology. Well water cycles through the Reliant where air – and its O2 – oxidizes the iron and sulfur without chemicals, without air compressors or aerators! This unique patented technology is equally efficient in managing heavy iron and sulfur water.

The Reliant warranty

  • One year on All Parts & Media
  • Five years on control valve
  • Lifetime on tank

*Click here for complete warranty details