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Soft Water Benefits

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Some Benefits of Soft Water:

1. Soft water can help preserve your home plumbing system.

Untreated, hard water containing minerals like lime, calcium, and iron won’t just build up in your shower and hot water heater but in your pipes too! Left alone long enough eventually it will clog up the pipes in your home which can lead to more expensive problems in the future.

Clogged up pipes will slow the flow of water in your home. These clogs can also cause wear and tear or permanent damage to your pipes requiring costly repairs. As the mineral deposits calcify they become harder to remove over time.

Hard Water Pipes

2. Soft water will benefit your shower and bathing experience.

Hard water can cause water flow in your home to slow down thus decreasing the water pressure available in your showers and faucets. In addition, showering in hard water can leave traces of calcium and magnesium in your hair. This will cause your hair to feel dry and brittle.

Your skin can also feel dry after bathing and showering in hard water. The minerals can deplete your skins natural oils and could make your skin feel itchy and irritated.

Shower Head

3. Soft water will reduce the amount of time cleaning your water fixtures and appliances.

Hard water will cause white crust and stains to appear on and in your plumbing fixtures. This accumulation can be difficult to remove and may require heavy-duty scrubbing.

A water softener system will require you to spend less time cleaning while also reducing the need to use harsh cleaning chemicals to remove the crust and stains. It can also save you money as large build-up of crust can damage your expensive faucets and dishwashers.

Cleaning Faucet

4. Soft water will leave you with cleaner clothes and dishes.

A water softener system helps prevent the pipes in your home from clogging up your appliances which enables them to work better and more efficiently.

In addition to better running appliances you will also prevent traces of minerals being left on your clothes and dishes. These minerals can cause discoloration over time to your clothing, dishes and silverware.

Washing Machine
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Hard Water Wheatland’s Questions and Answers – (City Government of Wheatland, CA)

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