Reliant Water Conditioning System

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The Reliant is designed to be the most trouble-free water treatment system available. While many softeners are designed to be disposable, the Reliant is engineered to provide a lifetime of service.

Reliant Water Conditioning System

Economical with Custom Options The Reliant was designed by seasoned veterans of the water softener industry. Numerous options allow this value-priced system to be custom-designed to meet your specific needs. Below are some of the quality system features you can depend on for your home use: The Reliant control valve is made from the corrosion resistant material Noryl® and has no nuts, bolts, screws or fasteners. Quick connect fittings make it simple to install and simple to service. Advanced electronics monitor and record water flow and usage. The low-voltage intelligent electronics center can provide historical information logs and can even diagnose service issues. Power cost to operate is less than $2 a year. The Reliant VortechTM distributor system is the best our industry offers. This innovative and most efficient bottom plate distributor system delivers better flow rates and prevents media channeling. The mineral tank has a smooth inner tank liner that is spun wrapped in fiberglass for exceptional strength. The materials are FDA approved and NSF certified. A heavy duty condensation jacket covers the mineral tank and wicks away moisture in humid areas and seasons. The Reliant salt tank is made of rugged, seamless polyethylene. The tank has a salt shelf which keeps the bulk of the salt out of the water and prevents possible mushing. A safety brine shut-off feature provides over-flow protection in the event of failure.

Reliant VortechTM Distributor System

Better Technology – Better Water. The performance of a water softener is dependent on two key functions: a resin bed that cleans the water and precision equipment that cleans the resin.

The Vortech™ Bottom Plate Distributor

Unlike conventional distributors, the Vortech™ significantly improves the efficiency of the system. The innovative design of the bottom plate achieves a much greater resin cleaning yet is gentle on the resin, thus extending its service life.

Light Commercial Model

The two most significant elements that differentiate light commercial softeners are the quality of the components and ease of use (setup and service). The Light Commercial Model is ideal for commercial or large residential applications that require high flow rates. The LC line is suited for water from low to high hardness levels (1-80 grains).
*Vortech™ tanks are manufactured by ENPRESS LLC

The Reliant warranty

  • Five years on all parts
  • Lifetime on mineral tanks
  • Lifetime on brine tank

*Click here for complete warranty details