Reliant High-Efficiency Water Conditioning System

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Until now, the most common solution for problem water involved harsh chemicals - a classic case of the cure being as bad as the disease!

Reliant High-Efficiency Water Conditioning System

The Reliant is designed to be the most trouble-free water treatment system available. While many softeners are designed to be disposable, the Reliant is engineered to provide a lifetime of service. The quality materials help ensure service and repairs are very affordable. Compared to the standard model, the high-efficiency model:
  • Reduces salt usage by 25% — Only uses 6 lbs. of salt per regeneration
  • Reduces water usage by 65% — Only uses 21 gallons of water per regeneration
  • Requires less electricity — Uses less than $2 of electricity per year
This makes the new High-Efficiency Reliant one of the most environmentally friendly water softening systems in the world. What’s more is this increased efficiency, money savings, and performance with no sacrifice in water quality. This high efficiency system is for city water applications only with no iron content.

Economical with Custom Options

Below are some of the quality system features you can depend on for your home use:
  • Corrosion-resistant control valve is built to last
  • Exclusive Component Repair Program means service and repairs are very affordable
  • Premium-grade ion exchange resin ensures a longer life
  • Lifetime fiberglass media tank features a deluxe heavy condensation jacket
  • Lifetime brine tank with dry-salt grid features a safety float and overflow
In addition, the Reliant can be custom tailored to fit many special needs. The Reliant also includes specialty filters to address specific problem water applications.

Reliant Vortech Distributor System

Better Technology – Better Water. The performance of a water softener is dependent on two key functions: a resin bed that cleans the water and precision equipment that cleans the resin.

The Vortech™ Bottom Plate Distributor

Unlike conventional distributors, the Vortech™ significantly improves the efficiency of the system. The innovative design of the bottom plate achieves a much greater resin cleaning yet is gentle on the resin, thus extending its service life.

Light Commercial Model

The two most significant elements that differentiate light commercial softeners are the quality of the components and ease of use (setup and service). The Light Commercial Model is ideal for commercial or large residential applications that require high flow rates. The LC line is suited for water from low to high hardness levels (1-80 grains).

The Reliant warranty

  • Five years on all parts
  • Lifetime on mineral tanks
  • Lifetime on brine tank

*Click here for complete warranty details