Save with our Multi-Product Discount Offer

When you choose ProWater Conditioning, a Suburban Propane brand, as your water conditioning partner, you’ll qualify for our Multi-Product discount. That’s right, you’ll benefit from our experienced water conditioning service and receive a discount on your propane!

The benefits of leasing or purchasing a Water Conditioner from ProWater Conditioning is the softened water it will supply your home or business. The use of softened water helps avoid water spots, makes your skin feel softer and can reduce the use of detergents and soaps you use daily. That means extra savings all year long. Water Conditioning equipment can also help prevent the build up of lime, calcium and iron in your pipes and appliances. That allows your dishwasher, water heater, coffee maker and shower heads to last longer. Soft water can even help your clothes look brighter as well.

To schedule your FREE water test or discuss our Multi-Product discount, complete the form on this page or call 1-800-776-7263. Mention Code: 2307

Offer only available to existing propane customers of Suburban Propane, who also execute a lease agreement for water conditioning equipment with ProWater Conditioning during the offer period ending 12/31/2021. Multi-Product Discount consists of a discount of $0.035/gallon off the then current applicable price of propane fuel delivered while a customer of both Suburban Propane/ProWater Conditioning. Valid at participating locations. Subject to credit approval. Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Other restrictions may apply. Call for details.